BALA CYNWYD, Pa. (CBS) — A new buzz is happening in Montgomery County Wednesday as shops, restaurants and apartments were added to an old landmark with development on City Avenue between Belmont Avenue and Conshohocken State Road.
With a toss of some dirt, Phase 2 of the Bala Cynwyd on City Avenue development officially got underway. This is part of a $170 million upgrade to a shopping center on City Avenue at 47th Street, where the old Lord + Taylor once stood. Louis Rossman, the 9th Ward Commissioner in Lower Merion Township, said he was thrilled about all the activity.
“This is incredible. We’ve been passing an empty store that says, ‘For lease.’ It’s now torn down. It’s going to be rebuilt to the level and the enjoyment that people had in this neighborhood years ago.”
Developer Mark Brennan with Federal Realty said shoppers and residents can soon look forward to new stores, restaurants, and more than 200 apartments. This will be attached to an existing development, including the Delwyn Apartments, which were completed in 2019.
18pkg-kh-city-ave-redevelopment-phase-2-groundbreaking-transfer-frame-1280.jpg 18pkg-kh-city-ave-redevelopment-phase-2-groundbreaking-transfer-frame-1306.jpg 18pkg-kh-city-ave-redevelopment-phase-2-groundbreaking-transfer-frame-1364.jpg “It’s the ability to create a place where people want to come and stay, shop, eat, and dine, and the existing center – since the upgrades we’ve made – we’ve been able to accommodate that,” Brennan said. “The next phase will continue to enhance that.”

While officials were excited about the development, CBS News Philadelphia talked to some shoppers who had varying opinions about what this new area would mean for them. Resident Debby Wolff said more apartments will mean more cars in the neighborhood.
“They’re putting in a circular driveway to control all the traffic, which is going to be making even more traffic and confusion in the area,” Wolff said.
Shopper Lambert Walker did not think wages for those new retail jobs would keep up with the new rental prices.
“At $7.25 an hour in Philadelphia, it’s horrible. So until they raise that wage, what does it mean?” Walker said.

In a statement, Federal Realty officials would not comment on wages for future jobs. However, the statement reads in part, “The short-term inconvenience is paving the way for significant long-term improvements.”
Officials expected construction to be complete in 2026.

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