FLINT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – It’s fair to say that we all have mental health struggles from time to time, but for the thousands of men and women behind bars, those struggles can feel impossible to overcome. One woman is on a mission to help bring people out in a much better state of mind.
For many women in the Genessee County Jail, life hasn’t always been kind. There are many different reasons these ladies wound up there, but for Dee Dee Taylor, it’s personal.
With her father incarcerated and the death of her sister, Breonna Taylor, making national news, she had a choice to be angry or do something about it.
Taylor Made Re-entry is a nonprofit organization that works with the Justice Department to bring mental health resources to people during their incarceration.
Percy Glover, who works closely with Taylor Made, knows firsthand just how difficult it can be on your mental health to be incarcerated.

With Glover’s experience behind bars and Taylor’s experience living life on the outside without her father, they work in tandem to bring the right resources at the right time to help people get to the right place.

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