NASSAU COUNTY, N.Y. — Authorities have increased security ahead of Sunday’s highly anticipated game between India and Pakistan at the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cupon Long Island, a Nassau County official said.
The official told CNN a threat by the terror group ISIS-K was considered credible until proven otherwise.
Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder previously said the event received a threat linked to ISIS-K in April, followed by more specific threats against Sunday’s matchup at the International Cricket Stadium in Eisenhower Park.
The threat referenced a viral video circulating online, which calls for a “lone wolf to act out.”
Officials received “more generic” threat SundayOn Sunday morning, officials received an additional, “more generic” threat, Ryder told CNN. The new threat does not specifically target Sunday’s game but features someone standing behind a sporting stadium, Ryder said.

“So today, the game – we’ve upped our security, we’re working out all of the investigations from the intelligence side, and we’re going to be prepared,” Ryder said.
Security surrounding Sunday’s game includes officers monitoring the fence line, checking cars and patrolling using horses and drones.
The cricket venue is “going to be the safest place in Nassau County” today, Ryder said, which he also said in the weeks leading up to the tournament.
2024 Cricket World Cup securityNassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman previously said officials spent months working on World Cup securityand described it as “the Super Bowl on steroids,” with coordinated efforts with federal partners, including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

Ryder previously outlined the following safety protocols:
Eisenhower Park will be closed from 6:30 a.m. to roughly 6 p.m. Police will reopen the area once fans leave for the day.Spectators will have to go through metal detectors to enter the stadium grounds.No bags or drones are allowed inside or overhead.Parking at Eisenhower Park will be limited to VIP ticket holders. Other spectators should park near the Nassau Coliseum, about a half mile away. There will also be designated rideshare drop-off and pick-up locations.Click here to watch the full briefing on security for the 2024 Cricket World Cup on Long Island.

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