CHICAGO (CBS) — The 360 CHICAGO observatory has purchased the 95th and 96th floors of the former John Hancock Center, which housed The Signature Room restaurant and lounge until they abruptly closed in September of last year.
The observatory said plans for the 30,000 square-foot space have yet to be finalized – but a restaurant will not be back.
“We’re exploring a number of options for the space at this time. I can confirm that we’re not planning on reopening a restaurant in that space, but beyond that, our team is in the very early development stages, and we’ll have more information to share in the coming months,” Nicole Benolken, Managing Director of 360 CHICAGO, said in a news release. “Our operations at 360 CHICAGO on the 94th floor will remain unaffected by any work being done on the floors above, and we expect the new space to be open to the public in 2026.”
11390047_10153529722481495_5511946391009859510_n.jpg (Photo Credit: The Signature Room at the 95th’s Facebook) The Signature Room abruptly closed on Sept. 28, 2023, citing “severe economic hardship.” Under its most recent incarnation, The Signature Room had opened in 1993 – but there had been a restaurant in the space as far back as when the John Hancock Center first opened.
The restaurant was formerly known simply as the 95th Restaurant, and dated back to 1970. The Signature Lounge, that famous spot for a cocktail a floor up on the 96th floor, was previously called Images.
In March, a judge ordered $1.5 million in back payfor former Signature Room employees, after ruling that the restaurant and lounge failed to give workers proper notice when the business closed.

Meanwhile, down on the 94th floor where an observatory has always been located, 360 CHICAGO has its own cocktail lounge, called CloudBar – which is accessible with an observation deck admission ticket. While CloudBar is two floors down from the old Signature Lounge, it remains the highest cocktail lounge in Chicago, 360 CHICAGO said.

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